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ISO 22000 Food Safety Cum Quality Policy

  • Full Quality Control Meets Customer Demand
  • Satisfied Customers Prove Truthful Management
  • Continuous Improvement Enables Sustainable Development
  • Well Use of Resource Paybacks Our Environment

Introduction of the Founder

Introduction of the Company Status

  1. Products

    Yi Ta is a professional can making factory and produces various kinds of food packaging such as,

    1. Canned packaging for biscuits, candies, boiled bamboo shoots, and spread.
    2. Chemical used can for paint or general tin can
    3. CD case
    4. Collection can
    5. Tea can
    6. Calendar and Memo Board

    Yi Ta has been working closely with the main food product manufactures in Taiwan for years and its capacity of producing over 50 million pieces with excellent quality each year makes Yi Ta the main can packaging provider and first choice in Taiwan.

  2. Facilities

    Currently, Yi Ta owns more than 280 pieces of mechanic facilities and more than 500 dies which enable Yi Ta to produce tins in 112 different shapes. Moreover, Yi Ta is still developing new modele. The various production lines make Yi Ta’s production flexible.


1. The early Yi Ta, with factory size of 1652 m2 , was found in May 1978, Ming-Hsiung. Chai-Yi, Taiwan and started its business in making paint can and 5 gallon bamboo shoot can.
2. In 1981, the company began to devote itself in biscuit can production. The factory was later on expanded to 5620 m2 in 1988, and imported Japan-made 5 gallon can automatic production line.
3. In the following year, the biscuit can automatic presser was imported as well to handle the increasing quantity of orders and to develop much better quality products.
4. In 1933, Yi Ta set up another Japan-made automatic production line: D-305 round can. Meanwhile, the new office building was opened to manage the growing business and rapid development of the company.
5. Later on, in 1995, the rectangle-egg roll can production line has been automated to cope with the greater demand of egg roll package.
6. In order to meet the qualification of FDA’s can package regulation, solder has been replaced with electric welding in 5 gallon can making, and Yi Ta has also imported the multi-function FBC (Flanging, Beading and Curling) machine to minimize the damage of products and lower the labor power in 1999.
7. In 2000, Yi Ta started to work on the overseas market and received the order from AOL ( American On-Line) for CD case. Yi Ta has made the business international wide.
8. With the hard working and excellent quality of producing and managing, Yi Ta was certified by AFAQ-EAQA and been issued with ISO 9001: 2000 in 2006.
9. In November 2008, Yi Ta built a first quality dust-proof manufacturing room.
10. In 2009, Yi Ta successful passed the evaluation of RQA Packaging Best Practice (PBP) Audit, which meets U.S. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (21 CFR 110), HACCP System Guidelines (NACMCF, Codex), and Packaging Industry Best Practices..
11. Yi Ta was certified by AFAQ-EAQA and been issued with ISO 9001: 2008 in December, 2009.
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